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Life Center Stage Fundraiser

Come out to Jersey Mike's on Tuesdays, February 4th – March 17th - 20% of the sales (from open to close!) Feed your bellies, your hearts, and know you are making a difference! This fundraiser will enable us to provide Journey Through Song Live Concerts where featured performers share their experiences with recovery through music. These shows are followed by an open mic inviting the audience to share their own music and experiences, strength, and hope. Bringing music to the center of our lives stimulates curiosity, sparks conversations, and inspires us all to look beyond the surface to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities. The goal of this fundraiser is to educate and inspire hope through music and personal stories bringing communities together, naturally breaking stigma.

LIFE Center Stage is proud to work together with Jersey Mike’s to encourage community engagement, socialization, and to strengthen individual and community growth.

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