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Drop it Breath Easy Anti-Vaping PSA Project

Youth participants from Pequannock High School and County College of Morris worked together and with Teaching Artist and Multi-Platinum Singer Songwriter Lorraine Ferro and Vicky Mulligan to develop vaping awareness and prevention campaign, Drop it Breath Easy,.

The PSA focuses on the dangers of vaping and encourages youth to be vape free. Students will reviewed examples of impactful PSA’s and other prevention/awareness advertising campaigns. They researched the dangers of vaping as well as the statistics of how it affects their youth community. They used that information to create their Drop it Breath Easy campaigns.

Filming for the anti-vape PSA was an amazing experience. I not only applied my knowledge to the dangers of vaping, but also learned a lot of new information regarding this topic that is not talked about often. Filming with the anti-vape PSA deepened my understanding about the seriousness of harming oneself, and the people around them. The anti-vape PSA also gave me an opportunity to gain new friendships, and positively socialize with those who have similar ideals to me. -Leslie

Recording the anti vape psa was a great opportunity to meet and interact with others who had similar ideas on how to put an end to teen vaping. I was able to have fun while learning about the effects of vaping -Lexi

Getting to take part in this year’s anti-vape PSA was a fun experience. The staff were very supportive and kind, and the PSA idea was creative! I got to meet so many nice people, and overall was a great time. -Sam

Making this film was super fun. Everyone involved were super chill, open minded and nice. We shared so many good laughs making this film together. At first it was kind of awkward and nerve racking but once we got into it and had an idea about it, it starting to unfold in front of our hands. I’m super glad I got to be a part of this event. -Kate

My experience with filming for anti-vaping at CCM was really good. I felt engaged with my peers and I really enjoyed sending out a message that people may need one day. I like the workspace, directions were easy and professional, even if there was a mistake the producer of the film did not lash out at those who may have made it. The message was sent out clearly and I feel I had the right movement to it. Thanks to this project I feel comfortable getting out of my shell and hopefully working on new projects later on. -Chesco

Overall, I had a really fun experience filming the PSA for anti-vaping and I enjoyed the experience because I got to spend time with friends and film about a topic that is important to me. I learned more than I had thought I had and it was honestly very interesting to hear facts about vaping and hear people’s personal stories and experiences. -Mary

I had a lot of fun with the Anti-Vape PSA. I loved helping with the ideas for the film and then being a part of everything coming together. Filming was a really fun day, we learned a lot about vaping, acting and how to make a video. I had a lot of fun with my friends and we shared a lot of laughter together. It was definitely an adventure I think we all loved and would love to do again. -Alexa

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