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Healing a beautiful broken mind
a documentary film

Film available for a limited time. 

Healing A Beautiful Broken Mind portrays the lives of those who have faced addiction and found recovery. It features the story of Michael Cavallo who struggled with fifteen years of addiction, narrowly escaping death and finally in 2016 he embraced that he was indeed enough and worthy of recovery. This film also features the recovery journey of Anna Toby Rabinowitz, J. Owen Smith, Matthew Smith, Loren O’Donnell, Alicia Cook, and Emily Monks. Each of these brave people found themselves called to express what they were feeling through their art. For Michael, this meant that his passion for music could meet his purpose.  By sharing his story and performing his songs, it offers him the opportunity to feel connected to something greater and experience a true sense of belonging and connection. He is an example of how a beautiful broken mind can and does heal.

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their recovery journey continues...

Michael Cavallo


In 2016, Michael went to treatment at Alina Lodge in New Jersey and has remained sober since. He currently dedicates much of his time to creating awareness and reducing the stigma associated with the disease of addiction. Using his artistry to help others, he shares his story through his original music, performing and speaking at many recovery events, schools, community outreach programs, and treatment centers. For the past several years he has worked with Life Center Stage continuing to develop his artistry and his advocacy. This past summer Michael married his fiancé Amelia, who is also an artist in recovery, and they have recently started recording songs together, using their passion as their purpose to make a difference in the world.

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Alicia Cook

Alicia Cook's latest poetry collection, Sorry I Haven't Texted You Back, was released in October 2020. The mental health focused book includes the evergreen themes of love, grief, and hope. Cook continues to advocate for families affected by drug addiction.


Emily Monks

Emily has now graduated from NYU with a MSW. In early recovery, she volunteered at CARES, eventually becoming a full time employee. She spends her free time reading, continuously learning, and surrounding herself with people that make her a better person.


J. Owen Smith

J.Owen Smith is now semi-retired and living with his wife, daughter and grand-daughter in northern NJ. He spends most of his time writing and recording original music and plays out from time to time with his son Matthew. He also regularly attends meetings and does service in order to carry the message of recovery.


Sylvie Minot

Sylvie is the founder and executive director of Syzygy Dance Project, a nonprofit that brings dance to communities nationwide and internationally. She’s been married for over 28 years, and this year marks her 29th in sobriety.


Anna Toby Rabinowitz 

Anna has now been in recovery for 8 years. She is proud to be an active member of Life Center Stage and finds fulfillment through sharing her music and story. Through helping others she finds the strength to continue in her own path to success.

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Loren O'Donnell

Loren has survived his daughter Molly's heroin addiction and her passing. He finds peace in knowing that sharing Molly’s poetry makes a difference and he continues to tell their story with the hope that it can help someone who is battling addiction.


Matthew Smith

Matthew is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. He believes connection, community, and love are the three most important pillars of recovery. He agrees with the peer philosophy that we are all in recovery from something, and that many people struggle with multiple issues. A talented artist in many mediums, he records and performs under the moniker Brave(ly), and his most recent passion is creating large scale wood carvings.

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