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Journey Through Song - March 24, 2017

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Friday night’s Journey Through Song at Rest Stop Rejuvenate in Rockaway, NJ was another great event! We had 12 performers share their stories and their music with us.

Our Journey Through Song host, Barb J. LeMasters says, “It never ceases to amaze me how each and every Journey Through Song brings its own special touch to us. Sometimes a rather small intimate group or in the case of this past Friday, a packed house. We were entertained by a singing ukulele player which is a rarity for us. Good stuff  We also had several drummers in attendance. Everyone picked their own groove  to play from Led Zep to an impromptu jam to my personal favorite, the classic Wipe Out! There is always guitar playing and singing to suit everyone’s taste. We keep seeing our old friends and making new ones.If you feel the urge to step onto the stage contact contact me, Barb J Lemasters or Bien Minosa. What do you have to lose? We will sign you up, support you, sing and play with you. And give you the courage to do it all again. See you soon at Journey Through Song.”

Bien “This show was a great, because I got to see my peers perform with a level of confidence that I have seen develop through over 2 years running of the show. Their development as performers has been a beautiful thing to witness and was apparent on this night. Fear of not being good enough is common for many of us. And these guys have learned to overcome that, thanks to the supportive and positive culture of Life Center Stage/ Rest Stop Rejuvenate. Journey is about using music, spoken word or whatever creative outlet one chooses in a positive way. Even better, showing others how!

There was a nice mix of old and new performers. With the old passing on the same support they had received in the past. There is an abundance of unbelievable talent at these shows.  But, Journey is not about being a talent contest.  Its about helping and supporting each other’s Journey. Seeing performer’s do something they never could do or thought they could never do again is a beautiful thing to watch. The smile on Heather’s face as she played the drums was priceless.  As was, Tony’s! He played the drums like he was a kid again.Seeing the amazing group of guys I’ve had the pleasure of performing with in the past get together to do their own thing was also awesome.  All those guys, by their admission will tell you they never thought that they would ever be this comfortable onstage. Their smiles said it all as they performed.And the newcomers? Wow, would be an understatement. I can see they felt the vibe of all the great performers and felt comfortable. Why, you ask? Cause they could feel everyone was there to support and encourage each other. There is no rivalry. This is not a contest.  And because of that, Happiness, Love and Joy was the  order of the night.I truly am curious to see what’s in store for upcoming journeys, as the veteran performers continue to progress and the newcomers become even more comfortable with who they are as performers and people.”– Bien

Journey Through Song is a recovery friendly open-mic style event. Performers are offered a spotlight to share and express through song their life experiences.  Held twice a month – On the 1st Saturday of each month at CARES 25 West Main St. Rockaway, NJ 07866 and On the 4th Friday of each month at Rest Stop Rejuvenate 21 Maple Ave. Rockaway, NJ 07866 Doors open at 7:30, event begins at 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm – $10, includes refreshments.

Here are a few pictures and videos taken by Evermore Photography at Journey Through Song.

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