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Healing a Beautiful Broken Mind

A Documentary Film

Healing A Beautiful Broken Mind portrays the lives of those who have faced addiction and found recovery. It features the story of Michael Cavallo, who struggled with fifteen years of addiction, narrowly escaping death. Finally, in 2016, he embraced the idea that he was indeed enough and worthy of recovery. This film also features the recovery journey of Anna Toby Rabinowitz, J. Owen Smith, Matthew Smith, Loren O’Donnell, Alicia Cook, and Emily Monks.

Each of these brave people found themselves called to express what they were feeling through their art. For Michael, this meant that his passion for music could meet his purpose.  Sharing his story and performing his songs allows him to feel connected to something greater and experience a true sense of belonging and connection. He exemplifies how a beautiful, broken mind can and does heal.

Watching a Movie

Host a Screening

Documentaries wield a unique power to reshape perspectives and ignite dialogue. Host a screening of this compelling film at your venue or local cinema.

Use this opportunity to kickstart conversations about addiction, attract new supporters, engage critical influencers, fundraise, or inspire action within your community.

Seize the chance to unite people and spread a message of hope through the lens of this powerful documentary.

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