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I first want to say I am honored to be a part of the contest.


What do you hope to accomplish by being a part of this contest? 

 What I would like to accomplish with the help of the group is bring awareness to this epidemic


Are there any positive moments from your life that shaped you into who you are today? Any negative events that shaped you? 

There are many positive and negative moments that have shaped my life. If I did not make mistakes and have gone through the pain to get through to other side, knowing that life is sometimes painful for everybody. It's my determination to keep on trying and asking for help along the way spiritually to walk the right path .                  


What does music mean to you?

What does music mean to me? Well I started very young, my mother was a graduate of Juilliard School of Music. We had a nice piano, so my mom gave me lessons very young. So spending time with her singing and playing always warmed my heart. Then I started with the drums, jazz band, concert band, etc.  At 15 I had my own punk rock band with the boys I went to school with. We even had groupies lol. It was fun! Then I started writing my own compositions in between. I took isolated music courses because I was a full time cosmetologist. College gave me the theory that I needed and private lessons as well. I moved to LA in my early 30 s and got more experience. I write songs from my heart, most of the time something will move me emotionally and lay down the melodies, then the words. Music is very therapeutic for me, as it was growing up to express myself. 


If you are in recovery, what helps you to stay clean? What helped make your decision to get sober?

I have many people in my life that have helped me in sobriety, I am involved in AA 12 step program, I go to meetings daily, and talk with my sponsor every day. I am always hearing something new from my AA meetings, but I am also willing to listen and better myself.

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