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Journey Through Song Concerts

Share your Story. Share your Song.

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Call for Musicians

"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" - Unknown

LIFE Center Stage is committed to bringing music and the arts to our community. We are seeking musicians and songwriters of all genres to perform and share their stories at our Journey Through Song Concerts in New Jersey. Journey Through Song Concerts are held in a safe and sober environments, providing a supportive outlet for musicians to perform and share their stories.


Journey Through Song Concerts are unique in that they combine the power of personal story with music to focus on our journey through difficult times in life including recovery from addiction, mental health, abuse, poverty, homelessness, disabilities, cancer and more. Journey Through Song provides a platform that will inspire others through words and music, creating an opportunity to come together to discover more about ourselves and others, develop meaningful connections, and experience growth through creative expression.


Each concert features 2-4 performers, and each performer is given 20-30 minutes to perform and share the story behind their music, how music helps them through the hard times in life, song meanings, etc. Both original music and cover songs are welcome. Accepted musicians will be invited to perform at one of the upcoming Journey Through Song Concerts. 


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