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leadership through artistry


LIFE Center Stage’s Youth Leadership through Artistry™ workshops and creative social events are specifically focused on cultivating leadership and social skills. Our programs help young adults develop the confidence, creativity and knowledge necessary to bring about real change in their personal lives, our communities and social structures.


Using music and the arts, our hands-on approach incites a sense of purpose, creativity, collaboration, responsibility and accountability in young adults while growing their skills, changing their behaviors and providing them with the tools to generate positive change in their community. Our programs provide information, support and creative expressive solutions to young adults while increasing their access to positive sober fun-filled environments.


For example, our Creative Socials Training Program is specifically designed to prepare young adults to take on leadership roles and change their community by hosting Creative Social Events at local parks, libraries, community centers, etc. These events effectively change our environment in positive ways by increasing access to sober youth events, revitalizing our underutilized public spaces while also highlighting young adults as a vital and welcomed part of our communities.


Through our Bridging Realities initiative, we work with a team of professional teaching artists, art therapists and peer recovery specialists to tailor our Youth Leadership through Artistry™ Programs to cover important topics such as drug prevention, self-esteem, bullying, body image, peer pressure and competition, depression and suicide, drugs, alcohol, tobacco use and addiction. 

artistic expression can...

Encourage Healthy Expression

Support Social Development

Inspire Solution Based Thinking

Develop Self Confidence

Increase Academic Performance

Embrace Diversity

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Support Intellectual Development

Create Healthy Environments

Help Breakaway from Streotypes

Encourage Out of the Box Thinking

Start a Conversation

Relieve Stress

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Lens & Pens Community Stories

Community Drumming




Animitated Short Films

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Leadership Through Artistry

Open Art Studio

From Concept to Recording

Community Murals

Creative Socials Training

Creative Journaling

Heros and Villains Mask Making

Old Time Radio Show

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