Sure, you can con a therapist in treatment - oh wow she is doing great… but really she’s thinking about where she is going to get the next fix. She told me flat out, I am lying to them.


Then she would come home and say “Don’t worry Daddy I won’t overdose I wouldn’t want to hurt you and Mommy.”


A week later she died.


Lines like that stay with you.


- Loren O’Donnell



It’s not just about recovery from addiction, it is about dealing with personal relationships, getting a job and showing up for it. Learning how to budget your finances and food shopping when you have little money. Between my social workers, the Milestone House and CARES in Rockaway, I was surrounded by positive people that taught me how to show up for life.


- Michael Cavallo






What helps me stay clean is being actively involved in recovery, which is a joy really, meaningful connections from helping and being helped.   I’ve also seen first-hand the effects of long term addiction and alcoholism and what happens when people relapse.  I couldn’t survive that.


- Kathy Moser  

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