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Youth Open Mic Training Program

Through creativity, play and adventure, the LMTI group explored in this training program what it meant to take positive risks, transformed limitations into opportunities and blocks into breakthroughs. We provided a nurturing environment encouraging creative expression which along with our innovative coaching this stimulates dramatic positive results at both the individual and community levels. Prevention, connection, self-esteem building, stigma, team dynamics, and leadership skills were all addressed within this program.

LIFE Center Stage believes in Leadership through Artistry. There is an alchemy in artistry that especially speaks to young adults – those people who, while facing the fears and demands of their looming adulthood, may feel overwhelmed with self-imposed obstacles. This program trained and developed peer-support hosts to emcee and/or participate in performances for personal and community development inspiring purposeful living and true leadership practices. This program was sponsored by Rockaway Borough Municipal Alliance.

Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute went on to host

a Youth Open Mic night monthly for nearly 2 years at Rest Stop Rejuvenate in Rockaway, NJ.

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