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Poetry Meets Art at Dover Free Public Library

On Sunday April 8, 2017 we celebrated National Library week and Poetry month at the Dover Free Public Library. LIFE Center Stage created a call to action to poets to garner participation at this event. After the poetry was read, the poems were incorporated into a collaborative community collage facilitated by board certified art therapist, Cindy Hamilton and Caldwell University art therapy students.

Speakers included: Diane Sebastian of the Dover Free Public Library, Vicky Mulligan of Life Center Stage and Cindy Hamilton of Caldwell University.

Special thanks to poet Gerald Libby for the inspiration to hold this event.

Poets included: Kolu Kamue, Justin Morton, Janice Mulligan, Kimberly DeCicco, Nicole Santiago, Diane Sebastian, Edward B. Schussler, Cosmike Wolf, Alexa Wyszkowski and Linda J. Bagdon

Musicians included: Barb Lemasters and Mike Z.

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