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Pledge and Plant

At the 2017 Many Faces of Recovery Public Forum, LIFE Center Stage invited consumers to seed, celebrate and grow heartfelt qualities in their life by participating in “Pledge and Plant,” a simple, small and yet abundantly wonderful call to action.

On a paper heart embedded with wildflower seeds, delightfully designed by Vicky Mulligan and Kim DeCicco of Evermore Photography, participants were requested to write an intention, be it global or personal, on the seeded paper heart and plant it in a garden with the idea, “When we create the right conditions for growth and tend to it, what was previously unknown or seemingly out-of-reach becomes attainable.”

On Thursday, June 15th Vicky, Kim, and Lorraine followed up by going to Morris Mental Health Association’s community garden to literally plant these seeds, intentions and community-offered pledges.

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