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Many Faces of Recovery: Celebrate You "Glorious"

“Many Faces of Recovery - Celebrating You,” had its an annual gathering at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum on Monday, June 12th for a large and receptive audience.

The LIFE Center Stage community presented, as its offering of inspiration — a song co-written by Lorraine Ferro and Anna Toby Rabinowitz, reminding us that we are all “Glorious!”

This song was created from words and phrases packed with emotional responses based on surveys that consumers answered. In these surveys, so very many people did not and could not believe that they themselves are worthy of celebration.

Often times, when the question was posed, “How have you celebrated you?” — it was left blank, while some of the participants replied that they celebrate family and freedom.

One survey in particular touched Lorraine and Anna, a woman who stated that she “Celebrates through music, art, people – second chances, third chances, fourth chances.

”She also asked, “Have you ever said to yourself that you are glorious?” thus sparking the seed word and theme for the song.

LIFE Center Stage also invited consumers to seed, celebrate and grow heartfelt qualities in their life by participating in “Pledge and Plant,” a simple, small and yet abundantly wonderful call to action on a paper heart embedded with wildflower seeds.

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