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Diversity in Butler: Youth Mural Project

Time & Location: Sep 19, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Butler Public Library, 1 Ace Rd, Butler, NJ 07405, USA

This program will be meeting from 3:30 - 5 PM on Wednesdays starting September 19 - October 24th.

The mural project will inspire the youth to get engaged in the library, creating a stronger sense of connection to their community, and fostering a positive environment for collaboration among peers. The mural will be hung in the library. This will help to designate a specific area of the library for the youth and will brighten up the entryway Students will work in a group alongside a

Teaching Artist and an Adult Mentor to create a mural around the theme “Diversity in Butler” to be completed on two large canvases. Students will use paint, marker and traditional materials to create a canvas mural with a positive message; Artist will assist in guiding students in coordinating multiple ideas into one aesthetic, cohesive finished project. Together they will define what the theme means to them personally and within their community. Students will discuss current issues and the diversity in the community. Students will work to identify symbolism, color, and imagery that represent their community.

Key Values Learned and Demonstrated:

  • Technical Art and Fine Art Skills in sketching, painting, designing and drawing. Planning and designing a work of art from concept to sketch to completed piece. Use color, measurement, spatial awareness, shape, line, pattern and use of negative/positive space.

  • Discussion and creation of the mural promotes & builds a student's self-esteem, and bolsters positive social interaction and intellectual discussion in a collaborative environment. Builds healthy connections among peers and adults in a mentoring, teamwork situation.

  • Learn how art and murals can enhance their community, environment and perception of the community, their neighborhood and their homes.

This program will be meeting from 3:30 - 5 PM on Wednesdays starting September 19 - October 24th.

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