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Celebrate Rockaway: Street Festival

LIFE Center Stage Community Festival at Celebrate Rockaway Street Fair For the past several years LIFE Center Stage has been producing a Community Festival at Rest Stop Rejuvenate during the Celebrate Rockaway Street Fair.

Live Music featuring performances by our teaching artists, event hosts and members of the Rest Stop Rejuvenate and LIFE Center Stage community. Performances include Lorraine Ferro (Featured on Season 3 of the Voice, Multi-Platinum Song Writer and Artist Coach), Bien Minosa (Host of Journey through Song), Barb J Lemasters (Host of Journey through Song), Anna Toby, Billy Tanglewood and more! Interactive Art: Community Mandalas: Collaborate with family, friends and neighbors on the design and creation of a community mandala. Adults and children are invited to explore the importance of unity and individuality using chalk, sand, stones, sticks, shells and other natural materials. Presented by Imaginarium Creative Studios. Story Stones: Turn beautiful river stones into colorful characters, animals, scenes, emotions and words. Story Stones make intriguing story telling tools and conversation starters for all ages. Facilitated by Rivka Willick. Collaborative Collage: Join us in celebrating our community by participating in our collaborative collage. Express yourself through visual art, exploring mixed media materials such as paints, textured papers, magazines, newspapers, tissue paper and more. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Graffiti artist? Here’s your chance – no experience necessary – just a willingness to allow your inner artist to fly free and let spontaneity be your guide. Join in the fun. Facilitated by Andrea Grillo and Mike Z.

Poetry Scroll: Include your story on our community scroll; share a sentence, poem or a short story. We will collate all contributions into a Festival Poem. No experience needed or desired. Come play with us. Facilitated by Andrea Grillo.

Featured Community Artists: Arianne Peterson Evermore Photography Imaginarium Creative Studios Andrea Grillo Mike Z.

Storyslam – Storytelling Contest: It’s time to explore, embrace and celebrate the stories inside us. We invite you to share your story with our community in an open mic style story telling competition. The story theme is “Taking a Risk”. Contest is open to anyone with a 5-minute story to share.

Community Drum Circle hosted by Ubaka Hill: FLOW with the rhythms of life by learning to FEEL the beat, TUNE IN to the pulse, & experience the power of drumming.

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