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A few of our art & music events, workshops and presentations. Click any slide for more information on the event. 

Heroes & Villains
Youth were invited to work with a teaching artist and art therapist to create a mask and story that shows the challenges that they experience each day. Their masks will be featured in a short film. A second group of youth are working with musicians to compose the music score for the film.
Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day
We created a call to action leading up to Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day where we invited the community to submit inspiring songs around this crisis. 6 songwriters won a spot in an Collaborative Anthem Writing Workshop where they composed three songs. They performed their songs at Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day, one song was picked as the official anthem and was recorded in a professional studio.
I AM... Photo Project
I Am Photo Project
Youth Open Mic Training
This Leadership Through Artistry training program was customized for Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute to train and develop peer-support hosts to emcee and/or participate in performances for personal and community development inspiring purposeful living and true leadership practices.
You Choose: Drugs or Life Mural
You Choose: Drugs or Living Mural was created by the youth at the Dover Free Public Library. This program was created by LIFE Center Stage and funded through Family Intervention Services and their Mending Arts program.
The Different Kids Club
Children worked together with a professional storyteller and art therapist to write a collaborative book titled The Different Kids Club. The kids discovered differences and shared interests. This book is a celebration of those differences and similarities.
Heady Field Mural
The mural for Heady Field is designed to bring positive messaging and prevention to the community of Rockaway Borough. The goal of the mural is to lead by good example by showing positive images of community, fellowship, and unity.
Pledge & Plant
LIFE Center Stage created a call to action to seed, celebrate and grow heartfelt qualities in their life by participating in “Pledge and Plant”. On a paper heart embedded with wildflower seeds, participants were asked to write an intention, be it global or personal, on the seeded paper heart and plant it in a garden with the idea, “When we create the right conditions for growth and tend to it, what was previously unknown or seemingly out-of-reach becomes attainable.”
Poetry Meets Art
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