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heroes and villains

Mask Making & Music Score

LIFE Center Stage’s Youth Leadership through Artistry™ workshops and creative social events are specifically focused on cultivating leadership and social skills. Our programs help young adults develop the confidence, creativity and knowledge necessary to bring about real change in their personal lives, our communities and social structures.

Using music and the arts, our hands-on approach incites a sense of purpose, creativity, collaboration, responsibility and accountability in young adults while growing their skills, changing their behaviors and providing them with the tools to generate positive change in their community. Our programs provide information, support and creative expressive solutions to young adults while increasing their access to positive sober fun-filled environments.

We are happy to have partnered with the Community Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Morris to bring these two great programs to our youth community! Enroll today to express yourself through art and music in our Heroes and Villains Masking Making and Music Score Workshops.


In this 3 week program, youth had the opportunity to create a mask that brought their inner hero or villain to life! The characters will appear in an animated short film about fighting stigma, bullying and other everyday battles youth face in their lives. The film will showcase how these challenges affect your life, friends and society and how we can overcome them.   

The youth worked with a professional artist and an art therapist to learn basic art concepts, identify symbolism, color, and imagery that represent their emotions and learn how to express them through visual art. Through mask making, they had the opportunity to enhance your generate positive change in their community and their life with this expressive artwork and short film.

The youth developed a visual story that raises awareness, acceptance & understanding. The masks  and animated short film will be shown throughout the Morris County community sparking meaningful conversations about stigma, bullying, shame and silence while inspiring hope and offering resources.  

Key Values Learned:

  • Technical art and fine art skills in sketching, painting, designing and drawing. Planning and designing a work of art from concept to sketch to completed piece. Use color, measurement, spatial awareness, shape, line, pattern and use of negative/positive space.

  • Discussion and creation of the masks promotes & builds a student's self-esteem. Bolsters positive social interaction and intellectual discussion in a collaborative environment. Building healthy connections among peers through teamwork.

  • Promotes a healthy environment for discussion to help remove negative stigma around these two key subject points and others. Opens a dialogue to facilitate empathy and understanding for those struggling and in need of assistance and how to help others positively in that regard.


During this 4-week series the youth learned how to use artwork and imagery as inspiration in music composition. They explored different instrument sounds, sound texture, layering and improvisation to compose music scores.

They had the opportunity to collaborate to write and record a score for an animated short based on supporting the stigma-free initiative.

They were introduced to fundamental music theory, basic recording concepts, sequencing software and midi technology.

They blended acoustical instrumentation and technology to produce a musical score that is modern and nuanced. Each week they explored, created, performed and shared stories utilizing various techniques to reinforce comprehension, foster creativity, encouraged communication and developed positive relationships in a team-oriented environment.

They were encouraged to present your ideas and to take healthy risks in a safe environment, allowing them to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. Through this workshop, they had the opportunity to enhance your music skills and express themselves through the music and sounds created for an animated short focused on fighting stigma.

Key Values Learned:

  • Basic music theory and music composition concepts will be applied to create a collaborative music score. Group will work together and share ideas, learning to work together and revising ideas based on shared discussions

  • Self-Expression through music, specifically how to use music and sounds to express feelings, emotions, etc.

  • There is an opportunity for healthy risk-taking, allowing youth to face their fears around creating music and performing as well as using mistakes as an opportunity to grow - developing their confidence and self-esteem.

Heroes & Villains:

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