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The mural for Heady Field is designed to bring positive messaging and prevention to the community of Rockaway Borough. The goal of the mural is to lead by good example by showing positive images of community, fellowship, and unity.

Positive figures and activities, as well as encouraging and motivating words, fill the mural in order to demonstrate good choices we can all make in our lives. It is our hope that members of the community will look to the mural as a source of inspiration for their own lives.


The mural was conceived and executed by a group of students from the community, primarily from LMTI local WRRD chapter, under the guidance of LIFE Center Stage teaching artists Arianne Petersen and Ellen Avigliano.


The students brainstormed and planned out the imagery for the mural, painted the design on canvas panels, and plan to then install the painted panels in Heady Field in Summer of 2018.

Heroes & Villains
Youth were invited to work with a teaching artist and art therapist to create a mask and story that shows the challenges that they experience each day. Their masks will be featured in a short film. A second group of youth are working with musicians to compose the music score for the film.
Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day
We created a call to action leading up to Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day where we invited the community to submit inspiring songs around this crisis. 6 songwriters won a spot in an Collaborative Anthem Writing Workshop where they composed three songs. They performed their songs at Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day, one song was picked as the official anthem and was recorded in a professional studio.
I AM... Photo Project
I Am Photo Project
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